On a physical level you can see when dust and dirt has accumulated and needs to be cleaned. On an energetic level you can’t see the “dust and debris” of human emotions but they accumulate all the same and need to be cleaned out regularly.

In the interest of paying it forward I have designed a simple Space Clearing and Home Blessing you can do yourself.

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Another one from Tom Kenyon and the Hathors.  Just a note from me. This is something hopefully we never need to practice. However it is good to be prepared and I resonate with this technique. As always stay out of fear, go into your heart and practice love and gratitude. We are one and we are being held and taken care of.

Medicines of Light:

Protection and Healing from Radiation Poisoning, Neurotoxins, Bacteria and Viruses.

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

With the earthquake in New Zealand, followed by the earthquake in Japan, it is clear that you have entered a more complex phase of the Chaotic Node.

We wish to impart a method for protection and healing from radiation poisoning as well as other physical conditions. We call this Medicines of Light.

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I haven’t tried this one yet. I just found it tonight and it resonates with me. When I do try it I’ll let you know.

The Holon of Ascension

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

January 28, 2009

You are about to enter into a highly volatile period, full of extraordinary potential, yet fraught with hazards.

In March of last year we indicated that your earth’s magnetic field was experiencing perturbations and amorphing, or changing of its configuration. Your science has now discovered that this is, in fact, a reality.

In its most simple terms, there is a breach in the magnetosphere, which surrounds earth, protecting it from solar winds. Such a breach is a naturally occurring cycle, but the breadth and magnitude of this opening is quite large. It is allowing, and will allow, large volumes of plasma from the sun to enter. This will increase magnetic storms, disruptions of telecommunications, disruptions in bio-electric circuitry (such as human nervous systems), and climate change. The results of this breach and the increased charging of the magnetosphere will increase over the next several years.

Our focus in this communication is not upon the negative impacts of this breach, but upon the positive effects it opens for those who are ready.

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Another technique from Tom Kenyon via the Hathors.  Something to help balance and stabilize your personal energy. It is said to be very useful in times of earth changes. I have used it successfully when I feel out of sorts and need to balance my own chaotic energies and feel safe.

The Holon of Balance

Received by Tom Kenyon

February 3, 2007

In this communication we wish to offer some suggestions for the management of your own subtle energies prior to, during, and after earth activity, such as earthquakes and volcanoes.

Due to the energetic patterns of earth itself and the increasing volatility of earth changes that are upon you, all manner of people are susceptible to the subtle energetic effects of earth changes that occur on the other side of the globe. Indeed, proximity to an earthquake is not the main factor when it comes to subtle energy. This communication is primarily for those who have sensitive natures. These would include spiritually advanced individuals, those in the conscious process of evolution, and this would also include children and animals whom we call “the innocents.”

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I have found the following technique to be very powerful. In particular it has been useful when I find myself in a state of distress or fear. It is taken from the workings of Tom Kenyon and his channeling of the Hathors.

Ecstasy and the Heart

Hathor Channeling

We wish to speak with you in this section concerning the generation of ecstasy through focusing on the heart. We do not speak of the heart chakra in this instance, but rather we refer to the physical heart, the heart muscle itself.

This technique involves your focus, or attention, joined with the emotion of gratitude, or appreciation—which ever you prefer to use.

As soon as you focus your attention on the heart, you may notice a flow of subtle energy.

From our perspective, your focus of attention operates much like the central point of an energy vortex. This is especially true within your physical body and the field surrounding your body—your energy field—what the ancients called the aura.

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I’ve never really liked the word Meditation. For me it is a limiting word. I have a lot of pre-conceived ideas of what a meditation is. It feels boring and very static to me. It certainly doesn’t feel magical and powerful. It seems like something I try and end up falling asleep doing.

I came up with the word Medi-Creation in response to my feelings around the word meditation. There is nothing static about entering into a state of Medi-Creation. You are entering into the between time. The world between the worlds. Where magic happens.  The place where everything is possible and where creation begins. It may seem still and static. It is anything but, it is full of power and potential and is as real or even more real than the ordinary world we are surrounded by.

Sometimes beliefs are like onions and you have to clear them layer by layer until you reach the core. Sometimes they clear immediately and thoroughly. I am not entirely sure why this is. I do however believe it has to do with where and when the belief originated.

We have to be a bit of a detective and feel our way into where they come from. They can come from this lifetime, these are the easiest to clear. They can come from past lives, these are more challenging. They can be inherited from our familial DNA, these are difficult because they don’t really have anything to do with us and it is harder to uncover when it wasn’t our direct experience  just one we remember because of DNA. They can also be picked up or placed on us, something like catching a cold bug from someone else. These are the hardest because they really have nothing whatsoever to do with us, we just believe they do, because of the conditioning that comes hand in hand with these.

Wherever limiting beliefs come from we do not have to keep them. We can accept or reject any belief at any moment in our lives. Remember we are powerful creators.

The following is a medi-creation I was just introduced to. I used it and found it to be very powerful. It enlightened additional information on a belief I have been in the process (for years)of clearing. This belief is one of those that for me has been a real stickler, it has had so many layers and nuances its been unreal. Which is my point. During this medi-creation a memory of an event from my life came up and I saw how I picked up an attachment which I began to accept as my own. I think this was able to happen because at the time I already had shades of similar beliefs in me. So I was on a vibrational alignment with this attachment and it jumped aboard and I stared to accept it as my own. Which translates into; I began to live my life as if this thing was my truth and it really wasn’t. I can only say now that I am very glad it is gone and I am excited to see how my life develops with this bugaboo gone.

I recommend trying this one out for yourself. If you aren’t familiar with channeling come at this with an open mind and try it our as an experiment which may or may not work for you. This is what I do whenever I come across these types of messages.


The Dance of the Pleiades, Elihu Vedder 02/26/1836 – 01/29/1923


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As I am writing this I am in Utah at my Mom’s house. She has been ill and I am here to give my brother a rest in taking care of her. Today is Wednesday the 23rd of February and on Monday she is going in for an angiogram  and a “roto-rooter to help clear a blocked carotid artery.

I had a very sleepless night last night and was awake from 4:30 am. Not sure why but there was a lot of energy moving around and it made me restless. In addition to this restlessness I had the strangest sensation of something being in my room. You know the feeling when something catches your eye or attention and you are compelled to look a certain direction. That was what I was experiencing a lot last night and several times today. When I did look it was at a jar of seashells and sand which someone had collected on a seaside visit. But everytime I looked at this jar my mind read it as it being an owl. I would see and owl and then sort of blink and it would be the jar of seashells. So I decided it might be a spirit message and I should look up the meaning of Owl messengers.

It turns out that all Owls are messengers and they carry those messages from the world of spirit to us in the physical. Some beliefs say the messages are of wisdom some say they are foretelling death.  Throughout history the owl has been associated with wisdom. Both Athena and Merlin are often pictured with an owl perched on their shoulders. The owl is also known as a shapeshifter transforming from owl form to human and back again. It is also said that working with the Owl teaches about mystery, paradox, life, death,reincarnation, wisdom, the shadow, listening, the feminine, and the unknown. A lot of people also believe that owl feathers are magical.


UPDATE – 3/15/11

My mom made it through her surgery. It was successful and has helped her immensely.  I’ve decided the Owl totem is one I need to continue to work with in order to find out what message was there for me.

Paula Jessop

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